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Social Media Integration into Contemporary Human Resource Management: A Qualitative Approach (Published)

This study explored the theme “social media integration into contemporary human resource management: a qualitative approach.” The study was guided by three research objectives which are; to determine whether human resource managers integrate social media in their practices; to ascertain the benefit of integrating social media into human resource management and to determine challenges associated with the integration of social media into human resource management. The study was built on the Theory of Creative Destruction and the population of the study comprised of human resource managers and academicians within Yola metropolis. The study adopted dual research methods which are the in-depth interview and integrative literature review design. The researcher interviewed human resources managers and academicians that specialized in human resource management until the results reached saturation point. Findings revealed that human resource managers have incorporated social media into contemporary human resource management. It was also found that social media platforms offer lots of benefits to human resource managers in their professional practices. However, it was unraveled that there are quite several disadvantages associated with the integration of social media into contemporary human resource management even though the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, it was recommended among other things that there is the need for managers of human resources be aware of the right limits and boundaries when it comes to using social media for their professional practices.

Citation: Bello Deva Vincent (2022) Social Media Integration into Contemporary Human Resource Management: A Qualitative Approach, European Journal of Business and Innovation Research, Vol.10, No.6, pp.,71-77


Keywords: Human resource, Integration, Management, Qualitative approach., Social media

Analysis of Major Research Approaches in Social Sciences (Published)

This paper discusses quantitative and qualitative research methods with relevant examples as the major research approaches in social sciences. It objectively analyses these research methods, highlighting their types, characteristics, strength and weaknesses. The paper concludes with summations that much can and have actually been achieved when researchers in the various fields of social sciences themselves use their ingenuity to determine carefully when to use them individually and when to use in combination.

Keywords: Qualitative approach., Quantitative approach, Research Methods, Research approaches, Social sciences