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The Application of Frameworks in the Unpacking of the Problematic of Human-Environmental Interaction: The Case of the Qua Iboe River in the Niger Delta of Nigeria (Published)

This paper looks at human-environment interaction (HEI) using the lens of three frameworks- DPSIR, Resilience/ Panarchy and Political Ecology as vehicles for a holistic understanding of the impact of anthropogenic activities on the environment. Drawing evidence from the case of the Qua Iboe River in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria as a marine resource, the complexity in the interaction between the local communities, the Federal Government and the oil companies were identified. The result of this interaction is the pollution of the river and the conflict between the stakeholders. It is therefore recommended among others that there is the need for multilayer governance involving all the stakeholders as a baseline for mitigation of the problem.


Keywords: Conflict, DPSIR, Environmental Pollution, Federal government, Niger-Delta, Political Ecology, Qua Iboe River, Resilience, panarchy