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Effect of Sustainable Supply Chain Management on Consumers’ Purchase Intension (Published)

This study examined the effect of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) on consumers’ purchase intension. Specifically, the study determine the extent to which SSCM practice that are socially and environmental sustainable create self brand connection compare to SSCM practices which are not socially or environmental sustainable. It also investigates the extent to which supply chain management practices that are socially and environmental sustainable reduces dissonance compare to supply chain management practices that are not socially or environmentally sustainable. The study adopted quantitative research approach while the population consists of staff and major dealers of Dangote cement PLC who have made official purchase for an upward of five years. Data used for the study was collected using structured questionnaire while data analysis was done using linear regression. The study reveals that sustainable supply chain management practices is capable of connecting customer with the product of firms. The coefficient of determination (R2) obtain reveal that 91.70% of customer loyalty was as a result of sustainable supply chain management. It was recommended that firms that are eco-friendly should educate members of the public by indicating it on their labels in order to adequately distinguish it from those firms that are not environmentally friendly. This will clear any negative feeling from customer which may increase dissonance in them.

Keywords: Cognitive Dissonance., Purchases Intension, Supply Chain, Sustainability