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Principal Component Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Purchase Behaviour in the Mobile Telephony Market in Ghana (Published)

The purpose of the current study was to establish the relationship mobile telephony customers in Ghana’s repeat purchase behaviour and satisfaction. In order to achieve the aim of the study, principal component analysis was made to establish the principal components factors of customer repeat purchase behaviour, dimensions of customer satisfaction, and the relationship between repeat purchase and satisfaction. A sample of three thousand (3,000) mobile phone users was selected from the three major cities in Ghana of Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi for the survey, using Likert scale questions. The findings revealed that three variables: call rate, service reliability, meeting customer’s expectation were the key underlying dimensions determining customer satisfaction of mobile telephone users in Ghana. Again it was found that change of mobile network is a permanent feature of mobile users in Ghana which might not necessarily reflect dissatisfaction. The results further indicated that customer satisfaction of mobile telephony users in Ghana is reflected by high or very high commitment to repeat purchase. Finally, the study showed that mobile users repeat purchase behaviour is influenced primarily by reference group influence rather than customer satisfaction. Thus no relationship was found between customer repeat purchase and satisfaction of mobile users in Ghana.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Principal Component Analysis, Purchase Intentions, Repeats Purchase