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Brand Equity and Purchase Behaviour Among Automobile Owners in Nigeria (Published)

This study centers on the influence of brand equity on the purchase of automobile. Over the last two decades, the majority of automobile users patronized used automobile but with the federal government new automotive policy, there seems a gradual decline in the purchase of these used automobile. Despite this, no empirical study has been done to look at the effect of brand equity on repurchase of automobile. The general objective of this study is to investigate the influence brand equity has on repurchase of automobile in Awka metropolis. The study employed survey research design and the population of study comprises owners of used automobile. Topman’s formula was used to arrive at the sample size of 246 automobile owners. The sampling technique was quota sampling and the research instrument was questionnaire. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was used to test the reliability of the instrument. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics and multiple regressions were used to test the significance of the hypotheses. It was found out that brand loyalty is the strongest predictor of repurchase then, perceived quality. It was concluded that brand equity management and customer satisfaction strategies are needed for repeat purchase of used automobile. On the strength of the conclusion, we recommend that automobile dealers should as a matter of urgency engage the services of a professional brand equity manager and customer relationship manager. 

Keywords: Brand Equity, Nigeria, automobile market, purchase behaviour