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Pathological and Bacteriological Studies on Pulmonary Lesions of One Humped Camels (Camelus Dromedarius) Slaughtered In Oromia Zone of the Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia (Published)

The present study was carried out on 116 lungs of slaughtered camels in Oromia zone of the Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia to investigate the type of pathological lesions encountered and aerobic bacterial species involved in pneumonic lungs of camels. The prevalence of pulmonary lesions in lungs of camel was 78.45%. The gross examination of these lesions showed; Emphysema (49.14%), Pneumonia (42.24%), Hydatid cyst (22.41%), Pulmonary hemorrhages (16.38 %), Pneumoconiosis (12.93%), Plueurisy (9.48%) and Atelectasis (6.89%). Out of the 49 pneumonic lung samples cultured for aerobic bacteria, only 81.63% (n=40) of them yielded bacteria where as the rest 18.37% (n=9) pneumonic lung samples showed no growth. In general, a total of 45 bacterial species were isolated and identified from 40 pneumonic lung samples. The bacterial species isolated and identified from those pneumonic lung samples were Staphylococcus auerus (18.37%), Coagulase negative staphylococci (16.33) Escherichia coli (16.33%), Pseudomona aeruginosa (8.16%), Klebsiella pneumonia (6.12%), Manhemia hemolytica (4.08%), Streptococcus agalactia (4.08%), Streptococcus pyogens (4.08), Arcanobacterium pyogens (4.08%), Micrococcus species (4.08%), Francisella tularensis (2.04%), Rhodococcus equi (2.04%), Salmonella species (2.04%), Proteus species (2.04%).    

Keywords: aerobic bacteria, camel, lung, pulmonary lesion