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At present distributed computing is one of the most exploited computing platforms with the emerging techniques like cloud computing. Therefore it is becoming essential to understand all features of the distributed computing; by setting up the hardware to applications of several software’s on the distributed systems possibly the most significant factor is “monitoring service”. Distributed Computing System (DCS) aims at attaining higher execution speed than the one obtainable with uni-processor system by exploiting the collaboration of multiple computing nodes interconnected in some fashion. Present paper focused on the importance of DCS and its major role in monitoring data, earlier DCS models which has been developed to monitor data along with its advantages and limitations. Finally paper focuses on cost optimization using DCS in general. Monitoring is an important tool for program visualisation, debugging, testing, and development. Thus there is a need to develop the generic monitoring service to support all aspects of management in a distributed system

Keywords: Distributed Computing, Grid Computing, Monitoring, Publish/Subscribe Systems