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Attitudes of Undergraduate Students towards Self-Employment in Ethiopian Public Universities (Published)

With the rapid population growth and expansion of higher learning institutions unemployment of university graduates is a major socio- economic problem in Ethiopia. The main purpose of this paper is therefore, to investigate the attitude of Ethiopia public university undergraduate graduating class students towards self-employment. The population was composed of graduating class students of one government universities in Ethiopia. The data was collected through questionnaire from randomly selected 80 students of Assosa University. The data obtained through questionnaire was statistically analyzed through statistical package for social science (SPSS) version 20. The research result reveals that significant number of graduating class students’ job preference right after graduation was government or private employment and majority of students do not have short- term self-employment plan in the foreseeable future after graduation. Therefore, it’s advised that universities entrepreneurship course should focus practically on development of competencies related to entrepreneurship and cultural awareness.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Public University, Self-employment

A Matter of Decision – from College to University (Published)

The history of Ariel University began over three decades ago in a small town in the West Bank, with a few dozen students. Over the years the small school managed to establish itself on the local map of higher education and became the first regional college to reach the status of public university. In this paper we shall review and analyze the external and internal factors that facilitated the process. External factors refer to changes in social, economic, political, and constitutional aspects at the base of the development of regional colleges. Internal factors refer to a series of decisions made at the college leading it of all others to become a university. We shall present the teleological approach as the basis for understanding the processes that occurred at the college and that ultimately facilitated the transition.

Keywords: Higher Education, Leadership, Public University, Regional Colleges, Strategic Planning