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Framework for Data Management in Public Service Delivery Applications in Sri Lanka Using Blockchain Technology (Published)

The research paper discusses about how data management issues found in the current Sri Lankan public service delivery systems namely, difficulties in data accessibility, data manipulation possibility, data loss and privacy preservation can be mitigated through the application of Blockchain technology.  Three distinct public service delivery systems were analyzed in order to derive a common framework which can be used to design a Blockchain based solution for the public sector processes. Systems were redesigned using Blockchain technology and two prototypes were developed using two different existing platforms and qualitatively evaluated for the four criteria focused by the research. Based on the characteristics extracted from the selected systems, a Generic Guideline was designed comprising the six areas that need to be considered when selecting a Blockchain for Data Management in a Public Service Delivery application and five steps that should be followed in adopting a Blockchain for the specific needs of the government institution.

Keywords: Blockchain, Public Service Delivery Systems