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School Based Management in Public Schools as Perceived by Principles in Karak Directorate of Learning and Education (Published)

This study aims to reveal the reality of the application of School Based Management (SBM) in public schools as perceived by principals in Karak governorate, where this study provides a theoretical and practical description of the reality of SBM practice.  The study sample consists of (115) principles who are managing public schools in Karak governorate. The study instrument designed for identifying and measuring the reality of the application SBM. The researcher used the descriptive survey method to collect data and analyze it using statistical analysis program for social sciences SPSS. The results indicated that there is a moderate degree in the reality of the application of SBM in public schools from the point of view of principals in Karak governorate. In addition, results indicated that there were no statistically significant differences due to the variables of sex, experience, academic qualification and the reality of the application of SBM   in public schools from the point of view of principles in Karak governorate, and finally, the study offers several recommendations highlighted that principles need to be empowered to practice SBM by adjusting their relationship with their senior management, teachers and local community.

Keywords: Karak governorate, Self Management, public schools

The degree of the practice of human relations with the principals of government schools in the first Blue Education Directorate from the point of view of the teachers (Published)

The present study aimed at measuring the degree of human relations with the principals of government schools in the blue first education from the point of view of the parameters Directorate , and to achieve the main study goal of the researcher on the descriptive and analytical approach adopted , as the study sample consisted of ( 35 ) , a teacher, and the study found that the degree of exercise Humanitarian relations among school principals is high, and the study recommended the need to strengthen human relations within public schools by principals and principals, because of its importance in raising the level of education in Jordan.

Keywords: Human-Relations., Principals, Teachers, public schools

Headmasters of Secondary Education and Professional Burnout (Published)

This paper comes to investigate the level of professional burnout of the headmasters of secondary schools in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. In particular, the levels of stress and professional exhaustion of the headmasters, the feelings they experience because of the demonstration of the syndrome, their attitudes in the workplace and their relations with other members of the school community are being investigated. The Maslach, Jackson & Schwab questionnaire (1996), a questionnaire structured for studying professional burnout (MBI – ES), was used for the collection of the data, while the statistical analysis was conducted with the SPSS18 package. From the data processing, it has emerged that headmasters are experiencing low levels of professional burnout in all three dimensions (emotional exhaustion, personal achievement, and depersonalization). The only demographic feature that showed a statistically significant correlation, and indeed negative, with the levels of emotional exhaustion was the service years of each participant in the position of the headmaster.

Keywords: Burnout Syndrome, Maslach Burnout Inventory., School Unit Headmasters, public schools

Impact of Trade Union on Productivity of Teachers in Public and Private Primary Schools in Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated the impact of trade union on productivity among teachers in public and private primary schools in Cross River state. Specifically, the study compares productivity of teachers in private and public primary schools in the study area. Survey design was deployed in the study while cluster random sampling was used to select 180 pupils and purposive sampling technique to select six (6) key informants.  Survey interviews and key informant interviews were used for data collection. The analysis of data involved use of percentages, mean and chi-square and transcription of views of the key informants. The study revealed that teachers in private primary schools are more productive than their colleagues in public schools based on indices of productivity such as attendance to school, attendance to classes, average number of lessons held per day and involvement in extra lessons. The study also found a significant difference in school attendance between the public and private primary schools in the study area as the computed chi-square value of 2.222 was greater than the critical value of 1.543 on 1 degree of freedom and confidence level of 0.05.  Also there was a significant difference in regular class by teachers in the public and private primary schools as computed chi-square value of 46.723 was greater than the critical value of 44.416 on 1 degree of freedom and confidence level of 0.05.  The study therefore recommends regular audit of teachers, strict monitoring on the job, training and retraining and inclusion of teachers’ productivity as one of the core aims of trade Unions.

Keywords: Private Schools, Socio-economic development., Teachers Productivity, Trade Union, Unionism, public schools

The Extent of the Application of Participatory School Management in Jordanian Public Schools from the Point of View of the Teachers (Published)

The objective of the present study was to investigate the extent to which the participatory school administration was implemented in Jordanian public schools from the point of view of the teachers. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher followed the analytical descriptive approach in terms of applying the study tool and data collection and analysis. The sample of the study consisted of teachers of Jerash Elementary School for Boys with (18) teachers. The study found that the extent of the application of participatory school administration (human relations, involvement of the school principal in leadership tasks, delegation of authority) Jordanian government Lars from the point of view of teachers is high, the study recommended the need to work on training courses and workshops for managers of basic and secondary schools in order to deepen the concept of participatory management have.

Keywords: Participatory Management, Teachers, public schools

Modern School Management and Its Impact on the Academic Achievement of the Students of the Basic Stage in Jordanian Public Schools (Published)

The study aimed to identify the modern school administration and its impact on the academic achievement of the students of the basic stage in the Jordanian government schools. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher followed the analytical descriptive approach in terms of applying the study tool and data collection and analysis. Directorate of Education Jerash, While the sample of the study consisted of (20) students from Jerash Elementary School for Boys. The study found that there is a statistically significant effect of the modern school administration on the academic achievement of the students of the basic stage in Jordanian public schools. Modern administration in the various directorates of education affiliated to the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Basic Stage, Modern School Management, Students, public schools

Analysis of Maintenance Culture in Public Primary and Secondary Schools in Edo State (Published)

This paper investigated the maintenance culture of public primary and secondary school in Edo State. The main objective of the study was to examine the causes of poor maintenance culture of public primary and secondary schools buildings in Edo state. To guide the study three research questions were raised and answered and descriptive research design was adopted for the study. A research designed questionnaire titled, “Analysis of maintenance culture in public primary and secondary schools in Edo State” was used to collect relevant data from respondents. The Cronbach alpha was use to test for the internal consistency of the items in the questionnaire.  It gave an acceptable reliability of . The data obtained were analysed using descriptive statistics of mean and standard deviation. The result indicated that, poor funding by state government, the effect of the poor value system of the community members around the school environment, and poor school management were the causes of poor maintenance culture of public primary and secondary school building in Edo State. It was therefore concluded that, the government should expedites action on funding and also create public awareness on the importance of maintaining school building.  The paper recommended that, government should set up supervisory committee who will pay pertinent attention, and manage public primary and secondary school buildings in the state.

Keywords: Maintenance Culture, Primary School, Secondary School, public schools

The Discussion Strategy Implementation in Public Islamic Schools: A Case Study in Deli Serdang Regency (Published)

Teachers’ understanding of the discussion strategy affects the students’ achievement in learning process. This paper reports the teaching practices that conducted by the public schools Islam teachers in discussion strategy at some state junior high schools in Deli Serdang Regency of North Sumatra. Research shows that the implementation of the discussion learning strategy runs in the public schools. The average value was obtained by 30 teachers (60%), quite good average was for 18 teachers (36%) and a relatively poor average is only 2 teachers (4%). It concludes that most of the teachers in Islam public schools in junior high level of Deli Serdang Regency understand the discussion strategy and apply it in teaching practices.

Keywords: Islam teachers, public schools, understanding of discussion strategy


This article assessed the content material of three language textbooks used in public schools at elementary level, specifically grade VI, VII and VIII. The evaluated textbooks are used in public schools of the Punjab province in all the government education sectors in Pakistan. Furthermore, a checklist is specifically designed and applied on the textbooks. The core concern of the evaluation checklist is to analyze the overall impression of textbooks and content analysis along with the activities and organization of contents, topics and course work. The results lead to the conclusion, with the quality features and drawbacks which are considered to be the part of course books. It evolves the objectives, content material and process with approach. Results provide proper recommendation for the revised and alternative adoptable additional material.

Keywords: Checklist, Content analysis, Textbooks Evaluation, public schools


We explored sources of psychoactive substances in public secondary schools and the means through which adolescents obtain those substances. The study was qualitative and exploratory, using purposive sampling of participants. We employed thematic content analysis, a phase by phase manipulation of thematic categories of data to obtain common themes. Findings show that small shops, kiosks and bars around schools were the major sources of psychoactive substances talked about by most of the FGDs (83.3%). Most FGDs also rationalized that some “bold” students escape from schools to procure psychoactive substances. This study underscores the role of businesses in school neighborhoods as sources of psychoactive substances in public schools. Students employ a variety of means/strategies of obtaining psychoactive substances, and to a bigger extent they escape from school to access the substances.

Keywords: Sources and means, Uganda, psychoactive substances, public schools, school adolescents