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Adequacy of Human Resources on the Implementation of Early Childhood Education in Public Pre-Primary Schools in Meru District, Tanzania (Published)

This study was conducted to assess the adequacy of human resources on the implementation of early childhood education in public pre-primary schools in Meru District Tanzania. The study was guided by the system theory developed by Ludwig Bertalafy in 1971. The study employed a convergent mixed method research design whereby probability and non- probability sampling techniques were used to select the study sample which consists of 1 DPEO, 4 WEO’s, 30 head teachers of pre-primary schools and 30 pre-primary teachers. The questionnaire, interview guide and observation guide were used in data collection. The content validity of the research instruments was determined by two research experts, one expert in assessment and evaluation and the second in Management and Planning in from MWECAU, while the reliability coefficient of 0.962 was calculated by using Cronbach’s Alpha. Quantitative data were analysed by using means, frequencies, and percentages and presented in table form with the aid of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22 software while the qualitative data were summarised, coded, analyzed, and presented in narration form according to the themes created from the research questions. The findings revealed that human resources are adequate to implement ECE; most of the teachers were competent in various areas included: early childhood classroom management, communication with pupils in pre-primary classes, ability to identify and respond to the individual needs of pre-primary children. Moreover, the study exposed that most of the teacher’s lack frequently training on how to implement a preschool curriculum. On top of that the teachers, as well as heads teachers complained about the teacher-students’ ratio which revealed that most of the classes were overpopulated and the ratio of teacher-student did not comply with the government guide of 25 students per teacher. The study concluded that most of the public pre-primary schools have adequacy teaching staffs that are competent in their field for implementation of early childhood education. The study recommends that, there is a great need for the government to increase employment opportunities of ECE teachers as well as to build more classrooms in pre-primary schools

Citation: Athumani Selemani; Peter N,Siamoo; Adam Chidyau (2022) Adequacy of Human Resources on the Implementation of Early Childhood Education in Public Pre-Primary Schools in Meru District, Tanzania, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 16, 89-105


Keywords: Early Childhood Education, Human Resources, public pre-primary schools