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The Economic Burden of the Obesity in Brazil (Published)

Almost one in two people in Brazil is currently obese. Obesity in adults reduces life expectancy, increases health care costs, decreases work performance, and consequently, decreases the GDP. Therefore, we addressed the economic significance of obesity in Brazil. The Brazilian Government has made some policies to promote healthy lifestyles to challenge this international public health dilemma. The article evaluated policies that could significantly improve public health outcomes. Discussion and future research compile the present study.

Citation: Karina Contis Costa, Murillo de Oliveira Dias, Raphael de Oliveira Albergarias Lopes, Jorge Cardoso (2021) The Economic Burden of the Obesity in Brazil, European Journal of Biology and Medical Science Research , Vol.9, No.4, pp.35-47,

Keywords: Obesity, economic burden., overweight, public health care