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Obstetric Violence in Brazil: An Integrated Case Study (Published)

Violence against women is one of the most controversial and debated issues in Brazil. However, Obstetric Violence, an issue addressed and amplified in the present study, remains little discussed, even though its severity is alarming. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office points out that one out of every four women has already been the victim of some type of Obstetric Violence. In addition to maltreatment, physical or verbal coercion, the indiscriminate and abusive practice of cesareans, discussed here, is considered as Obstetric Violence. This is a worrying situation as it directly affects the rate of maternal mortality. With regard to Césarean interventions, the WHO states that they are only recommended when there is medical justification and that the ideal rate is 15% of the total number of deliveries. In Brazil it exceeds 80%. The case presents the induction of a hearing-impaired parturient to the cesarean without being informed about the procedures, yet, they did not protect her right to the interpreter and the presence of companion, among other violations, configuring a case of Obstetric Violence. The conclusion is that there are numerous laws that promote the right to dignity, but without their full compliance. The lack of data collection and control on the subject hinders the creation and adoption of effective national programs. It recommends the adoption of positive actions in order to eradicate and prevent Obstetric violence and consequent guarantee of the inalienable rights of women and children, such as the creation of the transparency portal against obstetric violence. It also presents recommendations for future research.

Keywords: Psychological Instruments, Psychometrics

Concise History of Psychological Measurement Instruments (Published)

This paper presents a concise history of psychometrics. It is an important field of Psychology concerned with the psychological measurement. Psychometrics can help, practitioners, students, managers, and other professionals in general, stimulating the reflection on their social and workplace behaviors,  in order to deepen their self-awareness and thus provide an opportunity self-learning, behavior changes and development. It encompasses also intelligence, achievement, aptitudes, and the personality traits test. This research addressed the history of such tests, such as social value orientation tests, IQ, 16-PF, Big Five personality traits tests, among others. This literature review is part of my doctoral thesis, and is helpful to managers, practitioners, educators, among others. Discussion and future research recommendations complete the present article

Keywords: Psychological Instruments, Psychometrics