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The Significance of Black Psychology, Guidance and Conselling in the Upbringing of African (Yoruba) Children (Published)

Citation: Ojetayo Gabriel Kehinde  (2022) The Significance of Black Psychology, Guidance and Conselling in the Upbringing of African (Yoruba) Children, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.10, No.2, pp.39-45

Abstract: Psychology is a scientific study of human and animal behaviour. It is a subject which involves studying a number of factors such as the relationship of physical development to behaviours, attitudes and abilities. On the other hand, guidance is a process of helping an individual gain self-understanding and self-direction so that the person can adjust maximally to his environment. Counselling in the other hand is a system or process of helping an individual to accept and use information and advice so that he can either solve his present problem or cope with it successfully. This paper posit that African parents, elders and the like study their wards, guide and counsel them. They use a range of approaches to solve human predicament. This paper intends to examines various ways which African guide and counsel their wards. The theoretical frame work of human needs theory is used to justify the significance of this study. The paper conclude that parents should endeavor study, guide and counsel their wards appropriately so as to gain self-understanding. Assistances can be given on a continuous basis until the individual reaches self-understanding.

Keywords: Guidance, Psychology, upbringing and African children

The Psychology of Anger (Published)

There is no doubt that many people are characterized by anger nowadays. Anxiety and anger have become two main characteristics of the era we are living in because of the many pressures and dominance of the physical side over the spiritual one in our current life. So, man gets angry or nervous for any slightest reason to a degree that people around himself feel frightened for themselves, and their sons or relatives.  Therefore, what is the appropriate salvation for such disease? The answer to this question is definitely in the commandment of our Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) as he asked Muslims not to get angry. So, what is anger? What are its reality and causes? How can we treat it in accordance with the recommendation of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him)?

Keywords: Anger, Psychology, family compatibility, psychology of anger, social compatibility

Construction of Competitive Behavior Questionnaire (Published)

Competitive behavior questionnaire is an instrument that is used to determine how strongly individu competes in achieving certain superior targets.  Competitive behavior is a behavior to achieve a superior position with respect to the personal targets to be addressed (Gracia, Tor & Schff, 2013).   Theory of competitive behavior is developed from Cognitive Social theory, as a result of individual interaction, with its environment (Bandura, 1986). One form of competitive behavior is survival in studying at the level of undergraduate education.  However, this competitive behavior has not been widely studied. Therefore, instrument that can be used as a tool is needed to find out appropriate competitive behavior of individuals.  In this study, a competitive behavior questionnaire was prepared based on aspects of the drive to compete, the desire to achieve superior positions and self-representation. In total there are 14 aitems with validity score more than 0.30.  The reliability score was 0.81.         


Keywords: Competitive behavior, Measurement, Psychology, Questionnaire

Tagore – Born Romantic – In the Eyes of the Psychologist (Published)

Romantics are as much made as born, It was echoed in Tagore’s voice, ‘ I am a born romantic ‘ . But they can not be assessed solely in psychological terms and they need the right environment …. ‘As for the right environment – it seems to have been an unfavorable one’. (Clarke, 1962). Indeed the earlier stressful life-events worked as a set, which sometimes released or directed the poet’s creative energies. It is on record that events in Tagore’s life have provided him and stimulated him with an urge for creation.Methodology was followed by content and dynamic analysis In the present phase, the life event stress occurring during the year immediately previous to the composition of the poem under study has been studied . The version of life-event scale entitled as ‘An Anglo-American comparison of the scaling of life-events’ was used in case of Western Poets where as ‘Bengali Version’ adapted by Sarkar, S (1990) was used in case of eastern poets.  Tagore has shown the free and unfettered expression of personality, ‘selfless creativity’ through his creation. The poet has explored the area of darkness which Jung has called ‘shadow’.  There is a constant struggle in human psyche between light and darkness, dynamically between superego and id. Enlightenment rose suddenly and spontaneously not from above but came up from darkness. As in Indian philosophy, Yajnavalka has said, when visible lights are extinguished, one find the ‘light of self’.

Keywords: Content and Dynamic Analysis, Literature, Psychology, Rabindranath Tagore

Job Satisfaction to Enhance a Commitment of Employees’ Organization at Dream Tour and Travel Company (Published)

A commitment of employees in an organization plays a very important role to bring the company successfull. Therefore, this research aims to analyze a job satisfaction to increase employee’s organization commitment at the Dream Tour and Travel Company. Variables are job satisfaction and organization commitment. Data was collected from 70 employees using organization commitment and job satisfaction scale, then analyzed by multiple regression analysis technique. The result of multiple regression analysis shows the value of significancy (p-value) was 0,000 at significant level p<0,05 means that job satisfaction can increase organization commitment. The categorization found out that job satisfaction and organization commitment were on medium level. The analysis reveals that job satisfaction can increase commitment organization. This paper may benefit staff of the company by encouraging more their jobs and may help them in their personal growth and development.

Keywords: Commitment, Company Successful, Company., Employees, Job Satisfaction, Organization, Psychology

Psychological and Educational Assessment of Children with Autism at Specialized Education Centers in Riyadh (Published)

The present study aims at identifying the assessment level of psychological and educational performance of children with autism disorder in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the extent of psychological and educational assessment according to dimensions of the psychological and educational assessment measurement prepared for this purpose. The study population consists of children with autism disorder in Saudi Arabia at the age category: (6-12) years. Sample of the study consists deliberately of children from autism centers in Riyadh, which are Prince Faisal’s Mother Centre, Alwaleed Center, Prince Nasser Center, and Riyadh Center. The study sample includes (74) autistic children. The study adopts an analytical descriptive method based on a field study. The tools utilized for data collection are a primary data questionnaire designed by the author and Scale of psychological and educational performance assessment for children with autism. The study resulted that the level of psychological and educational assessment of autistic children is little high. There are statistically significant differences in psychological and educational assessment at the following dimensions: cognitive, social, emotional, and receptive language in favor of 6-9-year children. There are statistically significant differences in psychological and educational assessment of children with autism due to gender. There is correlation between performance measurement of psychological and educational assessment with age, autism degree, and teacher’s experience years.

Keywords: Autism Disorder, Education, Educational Assessment, Psychology, children

Language as the Device for Psychological Manipulation in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: A Psycholinguistic Analysis (Published)

Language is the unique human talent that works amazingly in molding one’s thoughts and deeds. If grown unrestricted, it can help people widen their notions about things and issues in and around them. On the other hand, if shrunk and chained, it hinders the flourishing of ideas and information. The blossoming as well as the limiting power of language has been very perspicuously illustrated by George Orwell in his dystopian novel, 1984. How linguistic constituents hold the absolute ability to do and undo human thoughts has been portrayed in the novel in the most striking manner. Orwell has shown how language can manipulate psychological functions supreme-handedly. To lead popular thought to a certain target, language has to be engineered in the required mechanism. It does so, and attains complete control over people’s mind. This paper examines how language sets a demarcation line for human psychological processes. It attempts to dig deep into the linguistic treatment in 1984 and comes up with a vivid description of the dominance of language on people’s mental procedure. It investigates the manipulations of the ‘Newspeak’ and strives to grasp a psycholinguistic analysis of the novel.

Keywords: Language, Manipulation, Nineteen Eighty Four, Psychology, psycholinguistic


Nissim Ezekiel is known as father of modern Indian English Poetry and also Post-independence Indian English Poetry. Displaying a dedication of heroic dimension to his vocation, he has created an oeuvre remarkable for its range and depth. He is the source of inspiration for the contemporary Indian English Poets. In his poems we find a wide range of religious and spiritual values, philosophical thought and east –west encounter with some oriental attitude. His poems are a piece of perfection as he rises above his personal limitations and his vision surpasses the surrounding limitations. He is against hypocrisy and dilemma as shown in his poetry. In this paper, I have tried to show his phenomena of mind and matter with psychological and oriental bent of mind through some of his everlasting verse.

Keywords: Knowledge, Oriental, Philosophy, Psychology, Sublime