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Understanding Students’ Psychological Stress: A Case of Sukkur Iba University (Published)

Students’ stress plays disastrous role in loss of psychologically personal and academic performance of Sukkur IBA University undergraduate students. This research attempts to understand the prevalence of anxiety and stress symptoms. In doing so, ten semi-structured interviews were conducted to gain participants’ insights about understanding students’ psychological stress. The results obtained in three dimensions (1) Stress indicators, (2) Creators and (3) Key determinants for ideal learning environment to make students learned at IBA. The research found that students are the producers of stresses themselves due to mismanagement of time and academic performance is affected. Institutional policy and exams are major factors that students face to psychological departed into stress. The solution to overcome stress involve from two sides. One is student only to plan and execute time for studies effectively and efficiently. Second, suggested mentoring and counselling should be carried out for under stress students by Sukkur IBA University.  

Keywords: Psychological Stress, Sukkur IBA University, Undergraduate Students