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A Psycholinguistic Study of the Motivational Role of the Language of Affection in the Qur’an in the Development of a Healthy Personality (Published)

The study tackles some affectional forms in the Qur’an and their motivational role in making a healthy personality. To achieve this, the divine language of affection motivates believers to develop positive mental attitudes towards humanity. The motivational power works at the psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional levels. This power creates many positive values of which are charitable giving, commitment, empathy, stable mood, and regulation of emotions. Putting these values together helps in the creation of a social solidarity and a safe community. Therefore, there is a causal correlation between the motivational power and these values. Accordingly, the motivational power of the divine love creates an innate inclination for charitable giving which results in the regulation of emotions and forgiveness. Moreover, forgiveness plays a motivational role per se. Thusly, it helps in the promotion of the values above of giving in charity, stable mood, and regulation of emotions. It is found that affective empathy and commitment are elicited by forgiveness. Above all else, there are some social and psychological outcomes of forgiveness such as the demonstration of love, harmony, and co-existence. In conclusion, the motivational power of the divine affection plays a major role in providing a permanent process of the psychological healing at the subjective, interpersonal, and inter-group relations.

Keywords: Motivation, affectional forms, forgiveness, positive energies, psycholinguistics, psychological clearance