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Fuelless Generator: Comparison of Two Prototype Design (Published)

This research effort focus on comparison of two prototype designs, construction and performance evaluation of V-belt and direct coupling fuelless power generating set. Search for renewable energy is important as the fossil fuel depletion as been noticed.  There are basically three ways of transmitting mechanical power from one point to another. Belt and pulley drive, Gear and chain and direct coupling. The two power generating sets were locally constructed at the Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan Nigeria. These researches technically investigate two out of the three ways of mechanical power transmission system (Belt & Pulley and Direct Coupling Design). The evaluation of the work shows that coupling design of power fuelless generating is better than Belt and Pulley design of the generating set with efficiency range of 0% -89.9% for direct coupling while 0% – 73.23% for V-belt design.

Keywords: Design, Fuelless Generator, Prototype