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Examination of JSS II Students’ Readability of Prose Passages in Oyo State (Published)

This work examined the readability of prose passages for Junior Secondary School II students reading to learn prose in order to ascertain the suitability of the text to the learners proficiency level. Eight (8) secondary schools were selected in Oyo State. Four (4) representing those in rural areas while the remaining four (4) represented the schools in urban areas. From each of the schools, fifty (50) subjects were randomly selected; totaling four hundred (400) subjects. Three research questions were formulated and cloze test was used as the main instrument for data collection. The findings revealed that the text recommended for the students is not suitable enough because majority of them read at frustration level. It was recommended that stakeholders should always select appropriate reading materials taking into consideration the cultural neutrality of the text and the standardized contemporary language; publishers and writers should use standardized readability formulas to grade texts and teachers should teach reading in line with other communication skills in order to assist the students in acquiring a wide range of vocabulary needed for reading a text.

Keywords: Examination, JSS II, Oyo State, Prose Passages, Students