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The Residential Housing Problem in Anambra State (A Case Study of Onitsha Metropolis) (Published)

The research which is captioned “Residential Housing Problems in Anambra State (A Case Study of Onitsha Metropolis) was targeted at portraying the causes of housing deficit alongside its attendant effects on the populace with regards to habitable housing (Residential Properties). The roles of the public sector in housing development through its Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDA) were also highlighted in cognizance to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. Owing to the fact that housing problems are over-whelming, ranging from over-crowding, shortage of housing supply etc. The researcher adopted both the primary and secondary methods of data collection. I found that the low income earners were the one’s mostly affected by housing problems and Onitsha being the commercial hub of Anambra State, it is pertinent that government should have synergy with the private developers and re-direct their motives towards arresting these housing problems that are highly prevalent within the area of study. The findings of the study shows that lack of or inadequate housing financial assistance, high cost of building materials, high interest rate and lack of interest by financial institutions to facilitate loans to investors, uncoordinated policies by the government, etc are responsible for the residential housing problems inherent in most of our urban areas. The study recommends that there should be an improvement on loan facilities for building projects and a downward review of interest rates by mortgage banks on loans to property developers.

Keywords: Building, Housing Problem, Loan, Nigeria, Property Developer