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Challenges and Prospects of Monitoring Of Adult Education Projects and Programmes For Sustainability in Nigeria (Published)

The focus of the paper is on identification of the challenges and prospects of adult education projects and programmes for sustainability in Nigeria. Inadequacy of data, challenge of appropriate interpretation of data, poor utilization of feedback from monitoring, poor funding of monitoring of adult education projects and programmes among others were identified in the paper as the challenges of monitoring of adult education projects and programmes for sustainability in Nigeria. The paper equally identified provision of good information, control of the cost of projects and programmes as well as maintaining the use of good standard as the prospects of monitoring of adult education projects and programmes for sustainability in Nigeria. The paper recommends the need for relevant stakeholders in adult education projects and programmes to understand the efficacy of utilization of feedback from monitoring, the need for many task-team members to have adequate technical knowledge and skills among others for effective monitoring of adult education projects and programmes

Keywords: Adult Education, Challenges, Monitoring, Nigeria, Programmes, Projects, Prospects, Sustainability

Analysis of MDG Projects on Land Use Planning In Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria (Published)

Evidences  from  the  literature  reveals  that  many United Nations resolutions and development targets had  remained  elusive  while  some  important  projects and  programmes  are  either  unimplemented  or  are not yielding  the  anticipated  outcomes. The politicization of decisions on MDG projects result in neglect of vital action area.     The study analysed the various Millennium Development Goal (MDG) projects on land use planning in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. It adopted the method of survey, direct observation, and review of literature in gathering relevant information on MDG projects in the study area. It reviews the impacts of the MDG projects on the residents. Also, it carried out a comparative analysis of the MDG projects in line with the goals and targets of the Millennium Declaration. The empirical survey carried out helped to identify major MDG projects in the study area. It was discovered that the bulk of that MDG projects in the study area have focused majorly on Goal-#1 of the millennium declaration with little effort in other goals/targets of the millennium declaration. This showed that MDG efforts are not properly aligned with the focus of realization of the MDGs in the study area. Improved method of involvement of residents in project decision making, deliberate creation of environment-friendly projects, deliberate broadening of investment into other goals of the Millennium declaration were some of the suggested ameliorative measures.

Keywords: Development Targets, Millennium Declaration, Millennium Development Goals, Politicization, Projects


The community and social development projects (CSDP) is a conceived development intervention that builds on two existing poverty-reduction oriented programmes which are the poverty reduction project and local empowerment and environmental management project which came into effect in 2004. However, since the inception of the CSDP in many states of the federation, including Bayesla State, little or no empirical research has been carried out to determine the impact on community development in rural Bayelsa. This is the gap that this study filled as it among other things found, out that, CSDP has contributed to the development of community capacity to respond appropriately to their immediate but essential needs such as, water, health, sanitation, education through literacy promotion, and social integration of members. Based on these outcomes, certain recommendations were made to enhance best interventional process.

Keywords: Community, Empirical Evidences, Impact, Projects, Rural Bayelsa., Social Development