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Auditors’ Assurance Services: Tools for Information on Project Execution and Risk Management in Public Sector of Nigerian Economy (Published)

The study examined the role of audit firms in providing valuable information for project execution and risk management in the public sector of the Nigerian economy. The aim was to investigate the impact of auditing and assurance services of auditors (predicator variables) on project delivery (dependent variables). Data for the study were obtained through questionnaire administered on 350 top government officials at state and local government councils in Gombe, Nasarawa and Kogi states. The questionnaire was designed to reflect five (5) Likert scale. Response from 227 respondents representing approximately 65 percent responses rate were empirically analysed using multiple regression with diagnostic test of the predicator variables carried out using multicolinearity test. The result of the analysis suggests that the independent variables of the study have significant impact on the dependent variable. The study recommends engagement of independent audit firms by government officials in their project initiation and implementation programmes for the impactful nature of the services of auditors in public project execution and expenditure management there on.

Keywords: Public Sector, Risk Management, auditing and assurance, project execution, valuable information

Piping Fabrication/Installation Management and Deliverables of the Hydrocarbon Processing Plant in Umusadegbe, Delta State, Nigeria: An Operations Management Perspective (Published)

This study sought to establish the impact of piping fabrication/installation management on the project deliverables of Umusadege hydrocarbon processing plant in Kwale, Delta State, Nigeria. Piping fabrication/installation management was dimensioned with four cardinal management processes which include project initiation, planning, execution and closure. While the deliverables were measured using As-built documentations and On-site activities.  This gave rise to eight hypotheses which were tested using the Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation technique; aided by International Business Machine Statistical Product and Service Solutions (IBM SPSS) version 21.0 at the 0.05 level of significance. The analyses revealed that there is a strong significant relationship between the dimensions of piping fabrication/installation management and the measure of deliverables of the hydrocarbon processing plant. Based on this it was concluded that piping fabrication/installation management is an antecedent of the project deliverables of Umusadege central processing facility.

Keywords: as-built documentations, on-site activities, project closure, project execution, project initiation, project planning