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Key competitive indicators (KCIs) for real estate project developers (REPDs) in Anambra State (Published)

Anambra State has witnessed increase in the number of new real estate projects and developers as well. While there are obvious evidence as to the increasing number of new entrants into the real estate development industry, there seems to be no facts or study as to the indicators for competiveness in the area, hence the need to study the Key competitive Indicators (KCIs) of the real estate project developers. It is also important that the Real Estate Project Developers (REPDs) understand (KCIs), this will help or assist them in formulating the effective competition strategies. These strategies will also help clients in selection of the best project managers. This Study however identified a number of (KCIs) as it pertains to the indigenous real estate project developers and managers; they were analysed using Relative significant index (RSI). The finding is provided a valuable insight to the competitiveness in real estate development industry.


Keywords: Competitiveness, Real Estate, competiveness indicators, project developers.