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A simple and versatile PC based Programmable temperature controller employing an add-on ADC/DAC card has been implemented and tested successfully. The use of a computer improved the accuracy of the system and makes it user friendly with on line tuning. The major difference in the approach between any conventional method and the present one is the replacement of elaborate control circuitry of the former by any easily programmable algorithm with control equations. This gives one flexibility in selecting and programming the control functions such as set point control and controlled heating/cooling through software. The paper deals with the design and constructional features of a computer based temperature controller. In this experimental setup we have used a nichrome wire as the heater coil, which is wound over a copper block whose temperature is to be measured and controlled. The system is to be integrated with a temperature dependent ac conductivity measurement set up. The system achieves an accuracy of 10C.

Keywords: PID control, Programmable control, Signal detection, Temperature controller