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Elements of Knowledge Management (KM) in the Nigerian Construction Industry: The Professionals’ Perceptions (Published)

This study assessed the perception of construction professionals on the elements of knowledge management (KM) in the Nigerian construction industry. Being a survey research, the study was effected by the use of questionnaire, literature searches and direct observations. Accordingly, a total of 250 questionnaire were distributed but 235 responded properly to the questionnaire. This correspond to 94% return rate. Data collected were analysed using percentages and mean score and were presented in tables. The result shows that the ten key KM elements which are: planning, discovering, locating and capturing, integrating, organization and storage, maintaining, assessing, adaptation, sharing and transferring, modifying and applying, archiving and retirement all have sMS more than 3.0. Thus, the ten KM element are all significant to professionals within the study area. Therefore, the research recommends that KM elements should be used to build KM models and ensure collaboration among the construction professionals as regard KM.

Keywords: Built Environment, Construction, Knowledge Management, professionals