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Principal’s Management Support Practices for Enhancing Teachers’ Performance in Secondary Schools in Nigeria (Published)

This paper investigated principal’s management support practices for enhancing teachers’ performance in schools in Nigeria. The study adopted the survey research design, the population totaled 5,083 principals and teachers with a sample of 1803 selected using proportionate random sampling techniques. Two sets of questionnaire “Principals’ Management Support Practice for principals and teachers were instruments used for data collection. Four research questions were answered using mean score statistics while the hypotheses were tested at 0.05 alpha level using z-test. The result showed that school principals lacked supervisory skills and as a result entrusted academic supervision in the hands of external supervisors. Most principals’ feel reluctant to endorse in-service training for their teachers and teachers in turn hid their pursuit for higher degree from principals for fear of victimization. The result on motivation and welfare of teachers showed no significant difference in the mean ratings of both the principals and teachers.

Keywords: Management Support Practices, Motivation and Performance., Professional Growth, Supervision, Welfare