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Limitations and Implications of a Study on the Use of Information and Technology (ICT) in Al-Ula Schools (Published)

This paper outlines the limitations and implications of a study on information and communication technology (ICT) in Al-Ula schools. In terms of limitations, the study was conducted using data only from urban, all-male schools in the Al-Ula district in Saudi Arabia, which may limit the generalizability of the findings to all-female or coed, countries other than Saudi Arabia and to rural schools. In addition, interview data was collected by telephone. Telephone interviews did not allow the researcher to notice the facial expressions and body language of participants as they gave their responses, and student perspectives were not included. The study demonstrated the importance of multiple factors that contribute to the ICT implementation process, including ensuring that appropriate technology is available, that staff are properly trained on its usage, that there is clear support for ICT at the national level, and that there is a strategic plan in place for its implementation.  Potential avenues for research include a focus on all-female or co-ed schools, an emphasis schools undergoing an intentional change implementation process, inclusion of student perspectives, and more study on the pedagogical uses of ICT in Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: E-learning, change implementation processes, education in Saudi Arabia, information and communication technology (ICT)., professional development for teachers