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Women Rights: Myth or Reality, With Special Reference to George Eliot’s Adam Bede and Toni Morrison’s Beloved (Published)

This paper focuses on the rights denied to women in the works of George Eliot’s Adam Bede and Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Both the writers belong to different times and social strata. The significant portion of this paper is related with female rights, marriage and oppression of women in the society. The paper also deals with the modifications and the outlook of women characters as they stand against the rules and regulations persisting during those times. Both the writers have used their works as a device to announce their distresses in relation to the women roles and gender clashes in the social community. As educated and well read women, both George Eliot and Toni Morrison have shaped woman characters in order to confirm that women are also gifted with intelligence and wisdom and are capable of being sensible and sound. Eventually, this paper shows that both the writers courageously confront and defy the culture and civilization and stand up for women in relation to marriage, school, profession and dedicate themselves to writing profession from the viewpoint of women with an endeavour to reveal their place in the society by focusing on their shortcomings, judgment and attitude against the ruthless norms and culture of male dominated society.

Keywords: Female, Marriage, Profession, Society, Women

English Prospective Teachers’ Attitudes towards the Profession of Teaching: An Explorative Study in Yemen (Published)

This study attempts to obtain empirical evidence on pre-service student-teachers’ attitudes towards the teaching profession in the faculties of Education at Hodeidah University, Yemen. Also, it investigates the effect of the participants’ gender, place of study and their selection of English as a major on their attitudes. 300 fourth-year student-teachers, undergoing B.Ed. courses in the English Departments of the different Faculties of Education affiliated to Hodeidah University, are surveyed. The Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession is used to identify the participants’ attitudes. To analyze data, mean, standard deviation, t-test and Pearson correlation are calculated. The results indicate that the participants tend to hold fairly positive attitudes towards the teaching profession, their attitudes are affected by their gender and place of study while there is no correlation found between the students’ attitudes and their selection of English as a major. Some recommendations are made in order to enhance these attitudes .  

Keywords: Attitudes, Faculties of Education, Profession, Prospective, Student Teachers

Regulatory Challenges in the Upgrading and Maintenance of Standards in Teachers’ Professionalism in Nigeria (Published)

The compliance with minimum regulatory standards in the practice of teaching is bound to promote a competent, dedicated and productive classroom teacher for character molding and qualitative education. In Nigeria, issues of professionalization of teaching have continued to suffer from setbacks resulting to poor remuneration, low self-esteem and quackery in the teaching profession. This scenario negates the promotion and achievement of functional educational system at all levels. This paper examined the challenges militating against the attainment of minimum regulatory standards in teaching despite its pioneering effort as the mother of all professions. It adopted the exporatory approach to examine the various trend analysis and used the institutional framework design through secondary literature and observation to justapose the structures of teaching with other professional bodies. Based on the challenges,it recommended the institutionalization of a professional body for the upgrading, coordination and enforcement of minimum regulations to benefit members in raising the status of the teaching profession to meet global competiveness.

Keywords: Code, Education, Ethics, Membership, Profession, Quality, Regulation, Standard, Teacher