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Assessing the Impact of Safety Practices of Employees on Performance in the Production Unit of Some Selected Hotels in Takoradi, Ghana (Published)

It has become necessary for safety standards to be maintained and sustained in organizations so that frequent incidents or accidents are curtailed, breakdown of equipment are minimized and the life of employees and the life span of equipment are prolonged. This research work sought to explore employee’s safety practices on performance in the production unit of some selected hotels in Takoradi aimed at achieving these objectives – Identify safety practices and policies in the production unit of hotels and determine the extent of compliance of the safety practices. The study examined 164 respondents using a proportionate stratified sampling to select respondents from the hotels while the hotels were sampled purposively. The results revealed that all the employees of the selected hotels had existing organizational policies ensuring safety at the workplace but some did not comply which could be quite dangerous to their safety and so some disciplinary measures were meted out to employees who did not comply with the safety measures laid down which ranged from written warning letters given to the employees (70%) with 10% having a month suspension without pay. However, those employees who demonstrated a higher degree of safety were either given outstanding employee plaques or their salaries and allowances were increased – 39% and 25% respectively.

Keywords: Hotels, Performance, Production unit, Safety Practices