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Effect of Procurement Planning on Suppliers Performance in Public Institutions: A Case of Moi University (Published)

Supplier performance has become a critical factor for the organization’s success. In this regard, many firms and researchers have attempted to find out variables that affect either positively or negatively on supplier performance. However, very few studies have been carried out on procurement procedures in developing countries like Kenya. Public procurement system in Kenya has been characterized by a weak legal framework and lack of professionalism among public procurement practitioners. The study adopted an explanatory research design. The target population was 119 suppliers in the list of pre-qualified suppliers. The study adopted census for the suppliers to collect data; self administered questionnaires together with interviews schedule guides were used. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings indicated planning enhances value for money, enhance quality, encourages proper utilization of resources, planning enables quick decision making and encourages innovations as it is a problem solving technique and saves time. Therefore procurement planning enhances supplier’s performance in service delivery.

Keywords: Procurement Planning, Procurement Procedure, Public Procurement, Suppliers Performance