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The Procurement Threshold in the Procurement Act of Ghana, ACT 663 (2003) as Amended: Any Impact on Inventory Management of Tertiary Institutions in Ghana? (Published)

The Ministry of Education is one of the ministries in Ghana that spend a chunk of their budgetary allocation on procurement of commodities other than personal emolument. In the Ghanaian public sector, the acquisition of materials for operations is through the application of Ghana’s Public Procurement Act, Act 663 (2003) as amended in Act 914 (2016). This study focuses on the effects of procurement threshold in Ghana’s Procurement law on inventory management of tertiary institutions in Ghana. Specifically, the study focuses on establishing how procurement thresholds enshrined in the Public Procurement Act of Ghana affects quantities of items purchased for inventory. The study chooses the Cape Coast Technical University as its case study. In a descriptive study, forty (40) respondents were sampled and questionnaires were administered to them. Preliminary analysis were made in a tabular form and presented on a bar chart on the basis of the study objectives. After interpreting the data, the results of the study revealed that procurements thresholds instituted in the Public Procurement Act which are used to determine the procurements methods and approval authorities based on the contract value have some impact on inventory management. Among others, the study suggests that these thresholds must be reviewed at least every four (4) years to reflect current economic trends and situation of the country and again, frequent monitoring and evaluation of procurement entities by the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) must be strengthened to ensure compliance of the Procurement law in Ghana.

Keywords: Inventory., Management, Procurement Act of Ghana, Threshold, stock