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Service Innovation and Customer Satisfaction Nexus of the Transportation Sector of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State (Published)

Citation: Lyndon M. Etale and Patricia Akpi (2022) Service Innovation and Customer Satisfaction Nexus of the Transportation Sector of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, European Journal of Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Vol.10 No.1, pp.15-23

Abstract: The study was carried out with a view to provide a clear-cut understanding of the concept and principles of customer satisfaction, as it relates to service innovation of transportation firms in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Service innovation was used as the independent variable to ascertain the nature and strength of the relationship of its dimensions which were selected to be technological innovation, and service process innovation, and their relationship with customer satisfaction. In a bid to give the study a bearing and focus, two research questions and hypotheses were drawn from the variables, which sought to ascertain the relationship between the two dimensions of service innovation used in the study and customer satisfaction. The study was further grounded in the theory of assimilation, which is focused on the cognitive variations and dissonance experienced by customers after the consumption of a service, as a result of their pre-service encounter expectation and their actual service experience. The study thereby launched and distributed questionnaires to a total of 170 respondents from transportation firms in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State of Nigeria, and successfully retrieved a total of 160 questionnaires, which formed the basis of the data analysis and findings of the research study. The data was analyzed using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient method as a means of ascertaining the nature and strength of the relationship between the two variables. The findings of the study pointed to a significant positive relationship between the two variables, and informed the study to recommend that: firms should strive to innovate on their service to match the dynamic needs of the customers; and firms should constantly improve on the service processes to become more efficient and effective.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Process, Technological

Evaluating the Processes and Constraints of Land Administration System in Delta State Nigeria (Published)

Good administration and management of land significantly influences better land use planning and development. Despite the socio-economic benefits accrued to a well-developed Land administration system (LAS)  in urban areas, studies attests that most LAS in developing nations still remains highly underdeveloped. This study evaluates the processes and constraints of land administration in Delta State Nigeria.  The descriptive research design was used in this study. Primary data were obtained through the administration of well-structured questionnaire to 277 respondents across five urban centers in the study State. The sample comprised of 96 Estate Surveyor and Valuers, 168 Estate Agent/Private Property Developers and 13 Land Officers. Given the nature of the respondents; combinations of simple random and purposive sampling techniques were adopted in selecting the sample. In the same medium, data gathered were analyzed systematically by the adoption of descriptive and inferential statistical tools: mean score, standard deviation, Relative impact index, factor analysis and Pearson-chi square to achieve the desire objectives of the study.   Findings revealed that land title registration and process standardization are the major requirements for land administration system, again, administrative, technical, financial, and market challenges were found to be major constraints to effective LAS. It was therefore recommended that a sound land administration system with a robust strategy be put in place to ensure long-term sustainable development in Delta State.

Keywords: Estate Management, Process, constraint, land administration

Innovation Practices for Sustainable Competitive Advantage (Published)

This paper investigates the impact of process and distribution innovation on sustainable competitive advantage. Data are collected from manufacturing firms in the republic of Cameroon. Variables used were Eco-innovative product and service production process, customer relationship management process innovation and distribution innovation practices as the bases for enhancing sustainable competitive advantage. Sustainable competitive advantage was measured by Customer base-Market share, Employee Satisfaction and sustainable growth. We run a series of three multiple regressions of Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Sustainable growth on explanatory variables defining Strategic process and distribution innovation practices. Our results show companies would have to implement customer relationship management process innovation and distribution innovation practices and companies would have to implement Eco-innovative product and service production process. Our results show that some companies are struggling with the idea of sustainability and Eco-innovative product production process. They need some expert advice on the way forward.

Keywords: Cameroon, Innovation Practices, Process, Sustainable Competitive Advantage, distribution innovation

Migrant Workers (Indonesian Workers) In Madura (Published)

The purpose of this study was to find out what the motives of the people to become migrant workers. Finally, identifying the process of becoming a migrant worker. The method used in this study is interviews and literature studies. The informants of this research are people who have become migrant workers and will become migrant workers. Research location in Madura (enclave of Indonesian migrant workers). The results showed that the motivation to become TKI was due to economic factors, prestise factor like to make house and Haji. Besides that they want to develop talent. The countries with the most destinations are Malaysia, and  Saudi Arabia The process of becoming a migrant worker is legal dan illegal. Usually, illegal process use the services of brokers. They don’t want to register themselves. The reason is by using brokers the process is easier and faster. The departure process is legal and some are illegal.

Keywords: Madura, Migrant Workers, Process

The Ex-post Evaluation of Investments in Accounting Information System: The Role of Content, Context and Process (Published)

Investments in Accounting Information System (AIS) play an important supporting role in most sectors of the economy. This study was designed to answer the question related to the roles of contextual factors, namely «content », « context» and « process» on the ex-post evaluation of investments in information technology. The model was tested using survey data collected from 269 companies. The results of analyzing structural equation support the proposed model and highlights positive and significant relationship of AIS investment and business performance of the companies. The same the analysis multiple groups also show the important moderating role of «content» , «context» and «process» on the relationship between AIS investments and business performance.

Keywords: Accounting Information System (AIS), Content, Context, Performance, Process

Conflict Resolution in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Ghanaian Public Universities (Published)

The paper reports preliminary findings from an ongoing research analyzing the purported resolution of promotion-related conflicts in Ghanaian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The purpose of the study was to examine how promotion-related conflicts in HEIs are being resolved. It sought to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the processes and procedures with the view to recommend ways of improving the resolution of promotion-related conflicts in Ghanaian HEIs. The data is drawn from questionnaires administered to two hundred and forty (240) randomly sampled Faculty members, while 18 senior administrators were also purposively sampled for semi-structured interviews. Promotion policy documents were also analyzed. The data reported in this paper highlights that Ghanaian Universities have processes and procedures for conflict resolution, although the quality of the procedures may be debated. It further suggests that ‘process’ is a critical factor in resolving promotion-related conflicts in HEIs.

Keywords: Conflict Resolution, Faculty, Higher Education, Process, Promotion, conflicts.


As for the continued and rapid increasing of Dubai as one of the world most targeted areas for businesses and investments, transportation has become one of the main challenges that face decision makers in Dubai. RTA thus was established to unify responsibilities previously spread between several governmental departments (Dubai Municipality and Police Department). Moreover, RTA adopted decentralization by establishing 8 separate agencies and sectors in order to achieve highest levels of flexibility. The “RTA Service Standards Manual” governs the entire portfolio of existing and news services offered by RTA. The Manual is considered imperative to unify and standardize the varied approaches that are taken today in service development and monitoring

Keywords: Approach, Customer, Decision, Dubai, Guidelines, Improvement, Initiative, Manager, Manual, Owner, Phase, Pilot., Process, Quality, SSM, Service, Standard, Template