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Influence of School and Social Adjustments on Peer Victimization among Secondary School Students in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

Students need to adjust properly in school and social systems to be able to realize their potentials. They need to adjust appropriately in the school and society to acquire pro-social behaviours. Pupils who are maladjusted in school and society are most likely to acquire antisocial behaviours including bullying and peer victimization. This correlational study, therefore, investigated the influence of school adjustment and social adjustment on peer victimization among secondary school students in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. From a population of 1548 senior secondary school (1&2) students from public secondary schools in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, a sample of 476 students was composed using a combination of simple random sampling technique and proportionate stratified random sampling technique. The instrument for data collection is School, Social Adjustment and Peer Victimization Questionnaire. The instrument validated through the assistance of three experts in Counselling Psychology has reliability coefficients obtained through Cronbach alpha technique in the range of 0.72-0.82. The findings of the study showed that school adjustment had a high negative and significant influence on peer victimization among secondary school students in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State; social adjustment had a high negative and significant influence on peer victimization among secondary school students; school adjustment and social adjustment had a negative and significant joint influence on peer victimization.  On the basis of the findings, it was therefore recommended that parents, guardians and teachers should assist students to adjust properly in the school and society. This they can do by showing love, care and responsiveness to their children/wards or students during the upbringing.


Keywords: Academic Achievement, Bullying, Pro-social behaviour, Truancy, antisocial behaviour, harm, school adjustment, social adjustment


The onus of this thesis hung on ascertaining Hollywood imperialism on the behavioral pattern of teenagers in Calabar-South Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. A multicultural milieu atomized as Efik, Efut and Ejagham clans. Pigeon English and Efik are their diglossia. An area intimately stigmatized by an obnoxious phobia. This study was between June 2013 and November, 2013; and it uncovered the root causes of these attritions. Here, the Social Cognitive Theory, created a paradigm shift from a humble African belief to the polemics of Hollywood imperialism, experimented on 200 teenagers of age bracket 12 to 25 years as sample male and female. A survey method questionnaire titled ‘Individual Experience Questionnaire’ (IEQ) was used for data collection. Using statistics, it was revealed that: (i) 55.8% acculturated Hollywood movies influenced teenagers’ aggressive behaviour. It unveiled the presence of different secret cults, emanating from popular Western cultures. Within this precinct, these cult groups meted mayhems: prostitution, child abandonment and other nefarious threats, mostly perpetrated by primary and secondary schools’ dropouts, broken homes and poor parental care as authenticated by personal interviews. (ii) 97.5% posited that Hollywood movies do not depict Nigerian trado-cultural hegemony; thus leading to a shift from indigenous to alienists’ culture instead of mummifying the unique ‘Africanism.’ While concluding that Hollywood imperialism has caused a shift in youth behavioral paradigm in Calabar-South, it was recommended amongst others that Government (through FVCB) should enhance a curtail of Hollywood  film shows while adopting/encouraging philanthropic youth based projects such as the Obioma Liyel Imoke’s Destiny Child Centre and Mothers Against Child Abandonment.

Keywords: Calabar-South, Hollywood, Imperialism, Pro-social behaviour, Score sheet, Teenagers