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Private Tutoring of English: Motivational Practices in the Lived Experiences of Bangladeshi Higher Secondary Students (Published)

This article aims to address one main and three sub- research questions by presenting and analyzing the findings. The article analyzed the lived experiences of eleven Bangladeshi higher secondary school students to provide insight into their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and assumptions of private tutoring of English (PT-E). Each participant participated in a one-to -one in-depth semi-structured interview. To justify research questions of the study, 267 significant statements (i.e., significant phrases or sentences that pertained directly to the lived experience of PT-E participants) were identified from 11 verbatim transcripts of interviewees. As of 267 significant statements, four themes are originated from the analysis of the participants’ responses to the interview questions.


Keywords: Bangladesh, Motivational Factors, higher secondary school, private tutoring of english, shadow education, supplementary tutoring