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Organizational Politics and Turnover Intention: A Study from Private Colleges of Pakistan (Published)

The organizational politics is not a new phenomenon. Due to cultural differences it may be in different shapes but it is existing in every organization. In Pakistan the educational employee also engage himself in politics especially in private colleges. Likewise, others, the organizational politics is a cause of employee turnover intention. This study aims to know the relationship of organizational politics and its three antecedent’s (favoritism, pay and promotion and scarcity of resources) on employee turnover intention in private colleges. The Multan city was choosing to collect the data from respondents. A quantitative method was used in this study. To test the hypotheses regression analysis was used. The result of this study revealed that favoritism, pay and promotion and scarcity of resources antecedents of organizational politics create a politics tendency in employees and that will result in employee turnover intention. 

Keywords: Organizational Politics, Pakistan, Political Perception, Private Colleges, Turnover Intention