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Extent of Availability and Utilization of Library Information Resources among Out – Of- School Young Prisoners in South Western Nigeria (Published)

Information is very crucial to the development of mankind. It is also an asset that is necessary to facilitate human activities. It is for this reason that libraries are established to meet information needs of citizens, particularly, those of the out- of – school young prisoners in Nigerian prisons. The study, therefore, attempted an investigation into the availability and utilisation of library resources for the prisoners. The sample was drawn from prison population of prisoners in two major cities randomly selected in South Western Nigeria. The sample drawn was 500 out of the total population of 1,625 in the sampled prisons. Questionnaire titled: Availability and Utilization of Library information Resources for Prisoners ( AULIRPO) was used to collect data on availability and utilization of library information resources by the out- of- school prisoners and descriptive statistics of survey type was employed to analyse the data collected. The result indicated that only newspapers, textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias are the only available and frequenly utilised library information resources by the out of school prisoners who are discovered to be in their productive ages of between 45- 54 years. Challenges like inadequate provision of library cresources, poor funding and lack of good building facilities affect prisoners’ utilisation of library information resources. It was concluded that out- of- school prisoners have access to a few library resources and it was recommended that  government should be more sensitive to providing befitting library facilities and relevant library information resources to out- of- school prisoners, among others.

Keywords: Availability, Library Resources, Prisoners, Utilization, out- of- school

Extent of Educational, Vocational and Personal-Social Guidance Needs of Some Selected Prison Inmates in Ghana. (Published)

The study investigated the extent of guidance needs of some selected prison inmates in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana so as to establish how guidance could effectively be practiced in prisons. Descriptive survey design and a combination of convenience, purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used for the study. Three (3) prison institutions were conveniently sampled for study while One hundred (100) prison inmates consisting of 85 males and 15 females were randomly and purposively sampled respectively for study. Data for the study was collected via questionnaire (Cronbach’s Alpha = .611). The data was analyzed descriptively and presented in tables as frequency counts and percentages. Independent sample test was used to determine whether the extent of educational, vocational and personal-social guidance needs of male prisoners differed from female prisoners. It was found that both male and female inmates needed educational guidance to a little extent but needed vocational and personal social guidance to a large extent. Significant differences were found between the educational, vocational and personal-social needs between the male and female inmates. It was recommended among others that, the expressed educational, vocational and personal-social guidance needs of prison inmates should be provided to ensure their proper rehabilitation and integration into society upon their release.

Keywords: Educational, Guidance Needs, Personal-Social, Prisoners, Vocational