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Factorization of Large Composite Integer (Published)

In this paper we practically deal with the problem of factorizing large integers. The various algorithms that have been proposed are not efficient that is they do not run in polynomial time. We use the algebraic approach proposed by Wanambisi et al [1]. We define a large integer based on the number of digits and seek to decompose these numbers based on place values.

Keywords: Algebraic Approach, Algorithms, Composite Integer, Integer Factorization, Prime Differences, Primes

Algebraic Approach to Composite Integer Factorization (Published)

There various algorithms that can factor large integers but very few of these algorithms run in polynomial time. This fact makes them inefficient. The apparent difficulty of factoring large integers is the basis of some modern cryptographic algorithms. In this paper we propose an algebraic approach to factoring composite integer. This approach reduces the number of steps to a finite number of possible differences between two primes.

Keywords: Algebraic Decomposition, Algorithm, Composite Integer, Primes