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Diagnosis of Reading and Writing Skills in Primary School Students (Published)

Language is the vehicle for effective communication. Every student needs to develop the skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing then only they will be able to communicate properly in the society. Reading is one of the ways people all over the world can enhance their knowledge hub and get exposed to the experiences of other people. Writing is a productive and active process of the mind by which the writer creates meaning. This paper is an outcome of diagnosis of reading and writing skills of primary school students. The study adopted survey technique for data collection. The participants of the study were 460 fifth grade students selected through simple random sampling technique from Wayanad. Out of 460 students, 178 were from Government and 182 were from Aided and 100 were from Private schools. The results revealed that there exists significant difference between government, aided and private Primary school students in their reading and writing skills. There is no significant difference in their reading and writing skills based on gender.

Keywords: Curriculum, Primary School Students, Reading and Writing Skills, Second Language