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The Effects of Tutorial Class for Female Students on Their Academic Performance in Chemistry at Chiro Town Qilliso Primary School, Ethiopia (Published)

The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of tutorial class on female students’ grade 7th and 8th academic performance in chemistry at Qilliso primary school. The study employed the survey research design. Data were collected seventy female students as a sample from the total of 85 female students in grade 7th and 8th  by using simple random sampling techniques and 10 teachers, 2 vice principal and 1 principal were selected by using purposive sampling techniques. The statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version 20 software was used to analyze the quantitative data of the study. The results revealed that tutorial support has both academic and psychological effects on female students. Academically, tutorial class is effective in improving a student’s academic performance. Psychologically, tutorial support is effective in improving their self-confidence, self-concept, decision-making ability, memory and feeling of happiness. Finally, the study suggested that tutorials are indispensable factors in the achievements of educational goals and objectives. Therefore, students, teachers and chiro educational office should give special attention to the implementation of effective tutorial class support for female students.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Effects, primary school female students, tutorial class