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Economic Aspects of Certified Polish Cultural Products In Light Of Research (Published)

The purpose of researching a number of Polish tourist-oriented, high quality products was to determine the key economic factors for cultural tourism improvement in Poland. The results of research studies, which can assist tourism enterprises further develop the highest quality products of cultural tourism, have indicated that modern day tourist’s preferences are high-quality products. The studies have proven that the most important single factor influencing high quality products supply, was local authorities’ support of the tourist-oriented organizations that have developed the brands based on high quality) cultural products. The unique features of this research has been confirmed by A. Mikos von Rohrscheidt based on his studies performed from 2010 to 2014. These studies which are based on analyses of monographs and key scientific papers on cultural tourism published both in Poland and abroad.

Keywords: Cultural Products, Demand, Market, Price-Setting, supply