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Sustaining Aspects of Cultural Heritage Management in Nigeria: Case Study of Wooden Objects in the National Museum in Oron, Nigeria (Published)

The care and management of cultural, as well as natural heritage against wane, loss or damage is paramount to Cultural Resource Management. The system of caring and preserving objects and materials in the museum is through preventive conservation to ensure longer lifespan of the objects. This method involves housekeeping and daily inspection of objects in the store and galleries of the Museum in order to detect infection and deterioration. The study, therefore, examined types and functions of carved wooden objects, as well as methods and adequacies with a view to determining their effects at the National Museum in Oron, Nigeria. The study observed more than 3,000 collections in the store, galleries and courtyard of the museum, with about 80% of collections as wooden objects. It also takes cognisance of wooden objects in the museum as national treasure from ancient times as a benefit to our knowledge of tourists, researchers and coming generations. The study gives an overview of the activities of care in the National Museum Oron. It highlights the challenges faced by the museum. It concluded by imploring National Commission for Museums and Monuments in the country to come to the aid of Oron museum by providing conservation laboratory, modern equipment and facilities to improve the level of conservation.

Keywords: National Museums Oron, Preventive Conservation, Wooden Objects And Cultural Heritage.