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The Presentation of Sound and Color in English Translation of Tang Poetry (Published)

As the peak of Chinese literature, Tang poetry is also the magnificent pearl of the world literature treasury. Spreading the brilliant achievements of Tang poetry in the context of globalization is of great significance for shaping a good image of China on the international stage. This article selects the literary giant of the Tang dynasty Wang Wei’s poetry as a representative, from the latest English version of Wang Wei poetry, focus on difficulties of the English translation about sound and color in Wang Wei’s poetry, makes an in-depth analysis of the thinking logic and original meaning reproduction in the translation process, in order to provide theoretical reference for the international dissemination of excellent traditional Chinese culture,and promote the exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations of the world.

Keywords: English translation, Poetry, color, presentation, sound, tang

How to Teach the Activating-Instructional-Text According to the Stages of the Pilot Model for Teaching the Written Presentation (Published)

This study is a part of a series of studies that deal with the method of teaching the skill of ‘written presentation’ that was devised in my Pilot Model research that was developed under the need to provide the teachers with new methods of teaching this to our students in a systematic, gradual method that is based on the students’ needs and the needs of the environment in current era. The Pilot Model of Teaching the skill of the written presentation consists of five stages: preparation, reading comprehension and acquaintance with the literary genre, vocabulary enrichment, the actual written presentation, and the stage of evaluation and correction. The student moves from one stage to the other gradually and ultimately, he controls the skill of writing a text that belongs to the literary genre under discussion. This study focuses on the Activating- Instructional-Text, which is a text that narrates organized and sequential measures of the manner of implementation of a certain work, which is arranged in a logical friendly format that enables the reader to implement the instructions accurately. Instructional-Texts are often accompanied by assisting pictures, drawings and illustrations. The language, however, is a clear and accurate and is derived from the reality of the subject under discussion. The results of the study show that this method is motivating, activating, encouraging and enriches creative thinking and promotes the students’ creative writing skills.

Keywords: Teaching, activating, instructional-text., pilot model, presentation, written