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Survey of Preschoolers with Visual Impairment in Childhood Education in Enugu State, Nigeria (Published)

The study was survey of preschoolers with visual impairment in childhood education in Enugu State public primary schools. Descriptive survey was used for the study. The population of teachers was 13,621 in 1188 public primary schools of the state. The sample was 150 teachers drawn from 150 public primary schools through multistage sampling techniques. The instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire that was developed by the researcher. It was named Preschoolers with Visual Impairment Survey Questionnaire (PWVISQ). Likert response options of strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Disagree (DA) and Strongly Disagree (SD) was adopted. Mean scores and standard deviation were used. Mean scores of 2.5 and above was considered as accepted (for agreement) while mean score less than 2.5 was rejected (as disagreement) for answering the research questions which are three in number. The findings of the study revealed among others that the teachers are aware of those called preschoolers with visual impairment and no childhood education services given them. There are recommendations which include awareness campaign for parents of persons with visual impairment to send them to schools and training by the government and retraining of teachers of preschoolers with visual impairment for successful early childhood services for preschoolers with visual impairment.

Keywords: Early Childhood Education (ECE), Preschoolers, Survey, Visual Impairment