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The Implementation of Hygiene Practices in Early Childhood Education Centers in Londiani Sub-County, Kericho County (Published)

Hygiene practices in Early Childhood Education are very essential. It helps the child to be strong, active, responsible, confident and perform well on the day to day activities. The study sought to investigate the implementation of hygiene practices in Early Childhood Education Centres. The study adopted the active learning instructional theory. The study used descriptive survey research design to investigate hygiene practices. The study was conducted in Londiani Sub-County, Kericho County. The target population comprised of eighty (80) early childhood educational centres out of which twenty four (24) were sampled for the study. The random sampling technique was used to sample twenty four (24) headteachers and forty eight (48. Research instruments included Questionnaires, Interviews and Observation schedules. Data was collected, then analyzed using descriptive statistics.  The output was presented by the use of frequency tables, bar graphs and pie charts. The findings established that schools in Londiani have hygiene practices, but they are not fully implemented due to lack of proper facilities. The study concluded that toilets were dirty in majority of the centres which may affect the health status of the children causing absenteeism due to frequent sicknesses.  The study recommended that County government be involved in supporting ECD centres to ensure that funding and purchase of proper facilities are made available in the schools.

Keywords: Hygiene, Implementation, Practices

Principles of Organic Agriculture and Its Social Implication In Reference to the Nepalese Practices (Published)

The conventional practice of agriculture system of Nepal was very similar to the Organic agriculture; only difference was there was no rule in conventional farming whereas there is standard rule in organic agriculture. The study aims to analyze the principles of organic agriculture and its social implication in reference to the Nepalese practices. The study was based on the mixed design. Data was collected from the 586 organic farmers and 28 key persons related to the organic agriculture. Purposive sampling technique was adopted to select the respondent from four districts; Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktpur and Dhading. The result found that all farmers had working knowledge on importance and benefit of organic agriculture. They were aware on the principles of organic agriculture and found the significant implication of four principles of organic agriculture. Mostly, people were conscious about the caring of health and ecology from the practice of organic agriculture. Principle of ecology, farmers were conscious on the effect of OA to make the environment clean; clean air and water. As a principle of fairness, people reported that OA had supported to reduce the youth migration and could create the job opportunity. For the care of all human being and ecology, the study recommended to sustain the OA from the active contribution of all stakeholders in the initiation of Government.

Keywords: Organic agriculture, Practices, Principles, Social implication

Assessment Of Supply Chain Management Practices And It Effects On The Performance Of Kasapreko Company Limited In Ghana (Published)

This thesis is based on one manufacturing company in Ghana. The study sought to examine supply chain management practice and it effect on the performance of Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL). The objectives of the study were to examine supply chain management (SCM) practice in KCL, ascertain the influence of SCM practice on KCL performance, and to describe the trend in sale of KCL. A sample size of two-hundred (200) out of the numerous customers of KCL was administered with questionnaires in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The researchers also interviewed key employees of KCL using a semi-structured interview guide. A descriptive analysis with the aid of SPSS was used to quantify the relationship between the application of supply chain management practice and the performance of KCL. The result of the study indicated that KCL is applying supply chain management practice to its business activities. The study also indicated that supply chain management practice has significantly influence KCL business performance and was evidence in the sales performance of KCL over the years (2004-2010).

Keywords: Performance and Supply Chain Management, Practices, Supply Chain