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The degree to which principals exercise their supervisory functions from the perspective of teachers in Jordan (Published)

This study aimed to determine the degree of exercise of supervisors in Jordan and the extent of their implementation. The study population consisted of (4275) male and female teachers. The sample of the study consisted of (201) male and female teachers. From four domains including (36) paragraphs and extracted indications of truthfulness presented to a number of arbitrators and specialists, and estimate the coefficient of stability according to the application of testing and re-testing where the value of stability (0.92).The results of the study showed that the ranking of the fields of study according to the arithmetic averages were as follows: Human relations development, planning, professional growth of teachers, curriculum development. Jordan, and the existence of significant differences in the experience and educational qualification and the interaction of sex with experience and the interaction of sex with experience and qualification of the most prominent recommendations of the study, the holding of training courses for school administrators on the analysis and development of curricula.

Keywords: practice degree, principals’ teachers, supervisory tasks