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Global Development Agenda, Poverty Crisis and the Challenge of Structural Distortion in African Development Paradigm: A Case Study of Nigeria (Published)

African has continued to embrace Global development frameworks particularly the erstwhile Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the on-going Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiatives with high expectations because of the critical problems of excruciating poverty, underdevelopment and her seemingly capacity to impact key development super-structure towards desirable growth and sustainable development.  She agreed to the on-going SDGs initiatives with the hope that things will eventually turn around. The study critically examines the effects of global a development agenda on African development crisis against the backdrops of high expectations. The study observes that African developing countries are worse off after international development intervention. It further observes that development interventionists’ initiatives have not been able to stem the tide of African underdevelopment crisis due to structural deficiencies in African development matrix. With the results of development performances in Nigeria based on key indices, the study concludes that the level of poverty remain excruciating thereby bringing about the challenge of designing and nurturing new development  paradigm that emphasizes removing inherent African structural deficiency in development matrix as we voyage into the new SDGs

Keywords: African Development, Global Development Agenda, Nigeria, Poverty Crisis, Structural Distortion