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Poverty Alleviation Programmes in India (Published)

India is a fast developing country with the aim of becoming superpower, at the same time, our country has large number of people living below poverty line. Poverty is a situation that people are unable to fulfill their basic needs of life like food, clothing, employment, housing, education and other basic human needs, which is measured by committee of experts through data provided by National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) . Poverty alleviation programmes in India are for development of people in both Urban and Rural areas. Since percentage of poverty is high in rural areas, many programmes were launched by Government for betterment of rural people. Poverty alleviation programmes are grouped under different heads like self employment, food security, social security and wage employment. Planning commission also concentrated on poverty alleviation and given importance to development of agriculture in first five year plan, second and third five year plans focused on development of industries for economic development.Poverty alleviation programme plays a vital role in our country. Government launched many alleviation programmes like Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarentee Act, Aajevka, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana etc.., Government may launch more such schemes for eradication of poverty in our country. Many Government schemes are still not reaching end users, even many people are unaware of Government schemes. Government may take initiatives to make all people aware of all schemes. True spirit of all the schemes are in eradication of poverty and development of our country.

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Problems and Prospects of Poverty Alleviation Programmes in Nigeria (Published)

Several poverty alleviation programmes in Nigeria, initiated by both the Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), aimed at combating and alleviating poverty, have been found not to be successful. Instead of reducing the incidence of poverty, which is their sole aim, these programmes tend to serve as means for draining the national resources due to the pursuit of parochial interests, as a result fostering corruption and dishonesty. For a successful implementation of these programmes, the government and the implementation agencies must take a more proactive approach and specifically look into the area of poor management and poor accountability, among staff. Also poverty is a multidimensional issue, hence cannot be fought focusing only on one sector of the economy, strategies for poverty reduction must also be multidimensional, focusing on all sectors, as well as, on the emancipation of the poor. Strengthen the existing poverty alleviation strategies and ensuring good management could be one major way towards the effective performance of existing poverty alleviation programmes.

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