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Metaphor is generally defined as describing a concept or an issue through another matter that is more familiar and known. The basis of metaphor is describing a fact or an object by linking to concepts of different domains of meaning, in other words conceptualizing the fact again. Metaphors help individuals in materializing and making sense of complex thought, concept and associations through mental processes. Metaphors are particularly useful in understanding and explaining a new fact and they shift the meaning of a known condition to an unknown condition. Defined as a way of thinking and seeing, metaphors are used frequently in all branches of art and design. Both in the literary domain and visual domain, metaphors are elements that strengthen the language of expression, increase and deepen emphasis rather than explaining a concept by another concept. Metaphors are also used in poster design to materialize abstract concepts and to convey the message in a more effective and comprehensible manner. Hand figure which involves plurality of references in religious, cultural and communicational context is used as metaphor in posters in many different meanings with varying content and objective. In this context, hand figure will be examined in this study over examples of its metaphoric meanings referring to many different concept and emotion like power, unity, invocation, accusation, designation, appreciation etc depending on the way of use.

Keywords: Visual metaphor, graphic design., hand image as a metaphor, poster art, poster design