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Clinical Validation of North America Nursing Diagnoses Association International ‘Acute Pain’ Diagnosis among Post- Operative Adult Patients and Nurses In Owo Nigeria. (Published)

Introduction: Acute pain is one of the commonest symptoms experienced by post-operative patients hence it is used often as a diagnosis. There is need for its validation for confirmation through its defining characteristics. Methodology: Exploratory descriptive design (mixed method) using purposive sampling method was used. Ninety- three nurses and ninety-eight patients formed the sample size respectively. Two different modified Ferhing questionnaires were used and In-depth interview was done for 17 nurses. The data were analyzed using percentages and inferential statistics. Results: Two major (r= 0.8 ) six minor characteristics ( r ≥ 0.6) and a phony diagnosis (anxiety r=0.6) were validated by the nurses while five minor (r ≤ 0.6) defining characteristics were validated by patients.  Conclusion: The study concluded that nurses validated two major characteristics, six minor characteristics and one phony defining characteristic while patients validated five minor defining characteristics.

Keywords: Acute Pain, Clinical Validation, Nurses, Post-Operative Patients