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Assessment of Accelerated Education to Catch up With Missed School Programme in Post Crisis Settings: Case Study of Selected IDP Camps in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (Published)

This paper assesses Accelerated Education to Catch up with Missed School Programme in Post Crisis Settings. Two objectives were formulated to guide the study and two research questions were developed to investigate the extent to which the school age children in post crisis settings are engaged. Descriptive survey was used to carry out the study. Due to the high demand of cost and timeframe, the study was restricted to five IDP camps within Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Borno State, Nigeria. 100 respondents were chosen using purposive sampling technique. Self-Developed Structured Interview was designed and administered to 100 children selected in five (5) IDP camps. The finding revealed that awareness about Accelerated Education was poor among children in IDP camps and their perception to its role was somewhat positive. Therefore, it is recommended that government and the concerned stake holders should expand the programme to balance the vacuum left by aftermath consequences of the insurgency in the study area.

Keywords: Accelerated Education (AE), Education Gap, Post Crisis Settings