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Quality Assurance: A Tool For Improved Nursing Practice: A Paper Presented At Conference of Heads of Basic & Post Basic Nursing Educational Institutions (Published)

Nigeria is a melting pot of the good, the bad and the ugly.  The good part are its abundant human and material resources, the bad aspects are poor utilization and mismanagement of the country’s abundant human & material resources, while its ugly face are; bad leadership, corruption, lack of patriotism, selfishness and misgovernance.  These affects the quality of administration and service in all ramifications, the worst hit of which is the quality of education and health service which resulted in, poor ranking of its health service as Number 187 out of 190 countries by the World Health Organization (WHO).  This places Nigeria behind some of the poorest countries in terms of the quality of Health Care provisions such as Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethopia, Niger, Chad, Mauritania etc (WHO 2015).  The poor ranking of health service in Nigeria therefore is, a serious challenge not only to the policy makers/legislators but also to; all health care practitioners, most especially Nurse educators and practitioners. In order to ensure quality assurance for improved health care service as a whole, all hands must be on deck so as to curtail the deteriorating quality of health Service in Nigeria.

Keywords: Educational Institutions, Nursing Practice: Basic, Post Basic Nursing, Quality Assurance